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Ecotourism Adventures in Montenegro

If you are eager to escape mass tourism and discover new cultures, then you’ve come to the right place. Let us take you on a journey of discovery to experience the true essence of Montenegro. Here are 8 good reasons why to choose us. Discover below what we proudly offer:

Montenegro Travel



Our tailor made Eco-adventures are what we are really enthusiastic about because we believe in giving each of our guests a unique experience. By  describing to us your ultimate adventure, we can arrange just about anything and give you a quote within 2 business days. Start customizing your own adventure now!



Montenegro Travel



Montenegro Eco Adventures organizes unique expeditions: each of our expeditions is organized by experts in their field! Don't miss your chance! Discover our expeditions now.





 Montenegro Travel



We have prepared some multi-day adventures with various themes to suit those of you who want to get the most from your holidays. You only need to decide when you want to leave and who with: we take care of the rest!



 Montenegro Travel


Whether you are in Montenegro on a business trip or just passing through, we can take you on a day trip to see the hidden gems of Podgorica, walk among Roman ruins, visit medieval fortresses, lunch in style at a riverside cafe or go on a journey to places that few people know of … Discover our day explorations.


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