Interview about the Balkan Lynx Exped...

Interview about the Balkan Lynx Expedition
Interview with Alexa, director of Montenegro Eco Adventures on the Balkan Lynx Expedition:   1) You mention Balkan wolves and jackals, bears, roe deer, chamois, badgers and Balkan lynx.  Which of these are the likeliest to be spotted during days of hiking? Our expedition and the Prokletije park have placed cameras traps in strategic a [...]

Nik’s favorite hike in Monteneg...

Nik’s favorite hike in Montenegro
MY FAVORITE HIKE IN MONTENEGRO  I’ve been to many hiking tours this year. Some of them were long and tough to get to, others were close by and made a perfect half-day trip. The common thing for all of them is that they were C-U-S-H-T-Y. What does it mean? It is one of British “oldies” when it comes to slang and means nice and comfortable, hap [...]

Radonja’s favorite hike

Radonja’s favorite hike
Mountain guide Radonja tells us about his favorite hike in Prokletije Park: Coming back to the huts and taking off a backpack after a long day of hiking, reminds me how being a mountain guide actually makes me happy. Having the opportunity to live every day in a different way, climbing a different mountain… Last two years being a full t [...]

Orjen, in the hinterlands of Herceg N...

Orjen, in the hinterlands of Herceg Novi
My name is Nikola and part of my job is to go around Montenegro to discover authentic and unique places to share with our guests, how cool is that? Now imagine a country, full of dark green, sometimes shiny, sometimes dreadful mountains. You did? Ok, now imagine this country with sapphire blue sea that shows up on the horizon of it southern b [...]